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Neuroscience Research Reagents

As a leading CRO and recombinant protein manufacturer, Bon Opus has spent years developing unique neuroscience research reagents, such as mammalian expressed Tau protein and collaborating with industry and academic researchers to tackle the most challenging problems in this field. Contact us to learn more about our neuroscience products!

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Neuroscience studies how the nervous system develops, its structure, and what it does. When something goes wrong with a part of the nervous system, people can have trouble moving, speaking, breathing, or learning. Among the hundreds of neurological disorders, neurodegenerative diseases are the most common but can be severe or life-threatening. Unfortunately, most of them have no cure. As a result, thousands of researchers have committed themselves to understand what causes neurodegenerative diseases and developing new approaches for treatment and prevention. This is where neuroscience research reagents can provide various benefits.

There are four key areas in neurodegenerative research, including animal and in vitro disease models, neurovascular breakdown, in vivo imaging tools, and biomarker development. Each of them has its unique opportunities and limitations.

Common mechanisms of neurodegeneration

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