gene synthesis &

molecular biology services

Bon Opus Biosciences offers reliable and affordable gene synthesis. We embrace a simple and transparent pricing structure, with a flat rate price of $0.23/bp for all fragments less than 3kb. We guarantee 100% sequence accuracy. Our on-time delivery (8-10 business days to U.S. locations) rate is over 95%.


  • 5-10ug of lyophilized DNA in the standard vector (pUC57)

  • Certificate of analysis

  • Sequence chromatogram

  • Agar stabs

Available downstream services:​

  • Subcloning into custom vectors (customer provides vectors)

  • DNA preparation (research grade, transfection grade, pre-clinical grade)

  • Mutagenesis (single site and multiple sites)

Gene Fragments

Our gene fragment pricing is industry-low, with prices starting at just $75. See the table below for pricing, per fragment, based on fragment length.

DNA Prep

Our transfection and preclinical grade DNA prep options are both offered at extremely low endotoxin concentrations. See the table below for pricing; scroll down to see all research and pre-clinical grade options.

To submit your gene synthesis or gene fragment inquiry, simply fill out the form below:



ApexImmune Therapeutics

Bon Opus has provided us with excellent gene synthesis and protein expression and purification services. Their design team is always accommodating to our requests and highly detailed in their project planning. Their deliverables are also spot on. We look to Bon Opus for all our gene synthesis and protein reagent production needs.

Dr. Qian Zhang,

Scripps Research Institute

The Bon Opus team is truly efficient, experienced and reliable for gene synthesis and cloning. They have successfully helped us synthesize the VH and VL genes from a monoclonal antibody and then clone them into their antibody expression vectors. Their scientists were very attentive and responsive. They even noticed one of the aa sequences I submitted was missing two residues in the very N-terminus so that we could fix the mistake in time. The final products were delivered on time, of great quality, and at very competitive pricing. Overall, we are very satisfied with their service and will continue using their gene synthesis products.

Dr. Ying Wang,

Sorrento Therapeutics

[Bon Opus] provided us with high-quality gene fragment services, even when the sequence had high GC content or a strong secondary structure. There were no mutations involved during the sequencing of our cloned gene in the plasmids. The QC data for their gene synthesis services is exceptionally clear and helpful. I have not yet worked with another company whose data proved to be so valuable. [Bon Opus]’ service is very good overall and I would highly recommend to anyone.