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Hadassah Medical Center for Cancer Immunotherapy

We have a very long and fruitful working relationship with the Bon Opus team. We have a tremendous appreciation for their valuable scientific support and excellent recombinant protein production. We received several batches of our custom-made protein with very good reproducibility. We also want to compliment the team's technical and scientific support that was always available. We will definitely continue working with Bon Opus in the future.

Dr. Yibin Kang,
Princeton University

Bon Opus Biosciences has been very helpful and responsive in helping us to generate a series of customized polyclonal antibodies that target a cell surface transmembrane protein of interest. The technical specialists from the company worked closely with us to design the antigen sequence and were able to communicate with us in a timely manner. When technical difficulties occurred during the process, the team came up with an alternative solution immediately and offered the same price. The company worked efficiently and delivered the products at desired quality and quantity in approximately 4.5 months. Overall, it has been a very pleasant experience working with Bon Opus Biosciences.

Aleta Biotherapeutics

Aleta Biotherapeutics has a very good working relationship with Bon Opus. We have obtained more than 5 batches of protein produced by Bon Opus, including His tagged recombinant proteins and antibody-based proteins ranging from a 5 mg to 50 mg scale. The proteins produced by Bon Opus were of high quality with very low percentage aggregation and low endotoxin level. The representative we worked with at Bon Opus was very receptive to what we required for the product and delivered it to our satisfaction. We are happy to have Bon Opus as a reliable partner and will continue the collaboration with Bon Opus for future projects.

Dr. Harbani Malik,

Bon Opus Biosciences has been able to provide us several reagents for our research projects. They are easy to work with and provide good communication regarding updates. When technical difficulties/problems arose during the project, the team was able to provide some good suggestions of different strategies regarding protein production. They also have highly competitive pricing.

Yalan Tang,
Ra Pharma 

We did functional assays on our previous project and [Bon Opus’] product definitely meets our standards for X-ray crystallization. We are looking forward to having valuable data from that. The Bon Opus team did a fantastic job on committing to deliver such a high-quality product.

Dr. Valance Washington,
Oakland University

They have made many good protiens for us including scFV and complete antibodies. They have worked well for us. The one time that something did not work, they worked with us and fixed the problem. That is why I use Bon Opus!

University of California at Irvine

The team at Bon Opus were knowledgeable and helpful experts who helped us restart our proprietary antibody lines at a fair price. We're happy with their services and will likely come back again! 

Male Scientist

Dr. Thomas B. Kepler, 
Boston University School of Medicine

The antibodies you made worked out very well. Thank you for your excellent service!

Dr. Luis Gimenez-Lirola,
Iowa State University 

My long term relationship with Bon Opus Biosciences is based on high quality work, flexibility, quick turnaround times, and outstanding personal customer service. Aside from excelling in customized projects, they offer a broad portfolio of products at extremely competitive prices. They are always available for questions and open to discuss alternatives for custom projects that are technically complicated. I will definitively continue working with them as they have become a crucial part of my research workflow.

Dr. Srinidi Monahan,
University of New England

The Bon Opus team has become an integral part of our R&D work flow. They offered timely technical service and valuable scientific support throughout all stages of our projects. We truly look forward to continuing our partnership.

Dr. Kong Chen,
University of Pittsburgh

We have received custom protein production services from Bon Opus and were very satisfied with their product quality, turnaround time, and the enthusiasm of their staff. The team worked closely with us throughout the entire project and were very efficiently communicative with us to deliver the final products. I will continue to use their service and highly recommend their products to my collaborators.

Mark Esposito,
Princeton University 

Bon Opus was extraordinarily supportive in working with our plasmid constructs to purify recombinant enzymes with high activity that were suitable for x-ray crystallization efforts. We found their service to be a very economical option and preferable to producing these enzymes in-house. Bon Opus offered an excellent product at the best price we could find.

Dr. Qian Zhang,
Scripps Research Institute

The Bon Opus team is truly efficient, experienced and reliable for gene synthesis and cloning. They have successfully helped us synthesize the VH and VL genes from a monoclonal antibody and then clone them into their antibody expression vectors. Their scientists were very attentive and responsive. They even noticed one of the aa sequences I submitted was missing two residues in the very N-terminus so that we could fix the mistake in time. The final products were delivered on time, of great quality, and at very competitive pricing. Overall, we are very satisfied with their service and will continue using their gene synthesis products.

Dr. Ying Wang,
Sorrento Therapeutics

[Bon Opus] provided us with high-quality gene fragment services, even when the sequence had high GC content or a strong secondary structure. There were no mutations involved during the sequencing of our cloned gene in the plasmids. The QC data for their gene synthesis services is exceptionally clear and helpful. I have not yet worked with another company whose data proved to be so valuable. [Bon Opus]’ service is very good overall and I would highly recommend to anyone.

ApexImmune Therapeutics

Bon Opus has provided us with excellent gene synthesis and protein expression and purification services. Their design team is always accommodating to our requests and highly detailed in their project planning. Their deliverables are also spot on. We look to Bon Opus for all our gene synthesis and protein reagent production needs.

Dr. Alvin Stern,
Stevens Institute of Technology 

I was able to receive peptide synthesis through Bon Opus Biosciences. [The order] was customized to my exact expectations. The product was delivered on time, and of great quality. The entire experience with Bon Opus was very pleasant and helpful.

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