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Custom Peptide Synthesis Service

Bon Opus Biosciences offers comprehensive custom peptide synthesis services with over 300 modification options to meet various research needs. We are proud to provide worldwide researchers with reliable peptide reagents at affordable prices. With the confidence of our superior quality, we guarantee only to charge our customers if the deliverable meets the standards.


1. Peptide design

2. Peptide synthesis

(via solid-phase synthesis)

3. Purification

4. QC analysis


Service Types

Standard Peptide Synthesis

Peptide Library

Key features

Over 300 modifications available

High throughput, with up to 96 different peptides synthesized simultaneously (minimum 48 to start)

Peptide length

Up to 100 AA

5-20 AA


mg to kg

Up to 20 mg


Up to 98%

Up to 98%




Delivery time

2 weeks ( < 30 AA )

3 weeks

Common Modifications (additional fee applies)

  • Phosphorylation

  • Fluorescence/dye

  • Unnatural amino acids

  • MAPS and carrier complex (such as KLH and BSA)

  • Biotinylation

  • Acetylation

  • Lyophilized peptide

  • CoA

  • HPLC report

  • Mass Spectrometry (MS) report


Peptide synthesis

Online Inquiry Form

To place your inquiry, you may either request a quote from our peptide experts or fill out our quick form below:



Dr. Alvin Stern,
Stevens Institute of Technology

I was able to receive peptide synthesis through Bon Opus Biosciences. [The order] was customized to my exact expectations. The product was delivered on time, and of great quality. The entire experience with Bon Opus was very pleasant and helpful.

Bon Opus Biosciences is a leading expert in custom peptide synthesis services and production. Our team of in-house scientists use their decades of research dedication and field experience to offer comprehensive and tailored reagent productions that meet each client’s standards and unique needs. We take you through our tailored production process to create space for customization, collaboration, and in-depth exploration. Our process begins with a custom-designed peptide procedure that enables us to expand into synthesis of the peptides in production. From here, we enter the purification phase with opportunities to refine our processes using your collaborative input. Our in-house quality control team performs comprehensive analysis on the peptide production processes completed and works in tandem with the partnership before moving into final delivery methods. Prior to a finalized delivery offering, we create space for peptide modification to ensure your unique needs and deliverable work for you. A few common modifications requested and honored include acetylation, unnatural amino acids, biotinylation, phosphorylation, and others. Please note that these modification requests do have additional fees, though we continue to offer affordable and reliable custom peptide services. 

Our reputable team of experienced scientists forms partnerships with researchers across the world to provide our tailored services. We pride ourselves on our mission and values of affordability, flexibility, proactive and supported approaches, and quality. When we employ our values on our projects, each partnership experiences the unique opportunity to collaborate and work together to achieve your goals, whether they relate to small- or large-scale demands. We offer close-knit services and experience to provide each partnership with reliable, communicative custom peptide reagents. To get started on your custom synthesis experience, fill out our simple online contact form. Bon Opus Biosciences is committed to excellence and collaboration.

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