Many biological research programs require synthetic peptides in addition to recombinant proteins. Bon Opus Biosciences provides peptide synthesis services. The service includes standard peptide synthesis (up to 80aa length), and custom projects involving modifications. Modifications include amidation using MAPS and Carrier Complex, phosphorylation, acetylation, and fluorescence modification.

Bon-Opus aims at providing affordable and reliable peptide reagents. For standard peptide synthesis (less than 30aa), we guarantee a turnaround time of two weeks. We also offer comprehensive data report including MS and HPLC reports to our customers. The major features of our peptide synthesis (and peptide library) programs are summarized in the table below:

custom peptide



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Dr. Alvin Stern,

Stevens Institute of Technology

I was able to receive peptide synthesis through Bon Opus Biosciences. [The order] was customized to my exact expectations. The product was delivered on time, and of great quality. The entire experience with Bon Opus was very pleasant and helpful.