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Custom Protein Production

Our protein team is led by a group of scientists with decades of experience in recombinant expression and relevant process development. The team has successfully produced over 1000 proteins per year in the past, and they are more than happy to take on a variety of recombinant expression projects, ranging from trial expression of rare protein variants, to gram-level production of antibodies and enzymes. The overall success rate of our custom protein production projects is as high as 92%.


Expression System:

 -Our team of experts can provide advice on which system is suitable for your protein of interest.



Scalable, low cost


Solubility, lack of post-translational modifications (PTMs)



Highest PTM, can express large and complex proteins


High cost, demanding culture condition



Eukaryotic PTM, rapid growth


Growth condition requires optimization



Similar to mammalian PTM, high yield


Slow growth rate, demanding culture condition

Order Workflow:

Customer Inquiry via online form or email​

PM confirms the specifics and send quotes

Project starts once purchase orders received


Protein citation


Hadassah Medical Center for Cancer Immunotherapy

We have a long and fruitful working relationship with the Bon Opus team. We have a tremendous appreciation for their valuable scientific support and excellent recombinant protein production. We received several batches of our custom-made protein with very good reproducibility. We also want to compliment the team's technical and scientific support that was always available. We will definitely continue working with Bon Opus in the future.

Dr. Luis Gimenez-Lirola,
Iowa State University

My long-term relationship with Bon Opus Biosciences is based on high quality work, flexibility, quick turnaround times, and outstanding personal customer service. Aside from excelling in customized projects, they offer a broad portfolio of products at extremely competitive prices. They are always available for questions and open to discuss alternatives for custom projects that are technically complicated. I will definitively continue working with them as they have become a crucial part of my research workflow.

Aleta Biotherapeutics

Aleta Biotherapeutics has a very good working relationship with Bon Opus. We have obtained more than 5 batches of protein produced by Bon Opus, including His tagged recombinant proteins and antibody-based proteins ranging from a 5 mg to 50 mg scale. The proteins produced by Bon Opus were of high quality with very low percentage aggregation and low endotoxin level. The representative we worked with at Bon Opus was very receptive to what we required for the product and delivered it to our satisfaction. We are happy to have Bon Opus as a reliable partner and will continue the collaboration with Bon Opus for future projects.

Dr. Harbani Malik,

Bon Opus Biosciences has been able to provide us several reagents for our research projects. They are easy to work with and provide excellent communication updates throughout the process each time. When technical difficulties/problems arose during the project, the team was able to quickly provide several great suggestions for different strategies regarding protein production. [Bon Opus] also has highly competitive pricing.

Bon Opus strives to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our team of experienced and well-versed scientists achieves custom protein production that exceeds the needs of our clientele. Together, we collaborate on fine-tuning your processes and ensure each expectation is upheld, sustained, and valued. Our services are committed to our primary foundation built on affordability, flexibility, quality, and a proactive approach methodology. Our expert team can lend a hand in ensuring your approach is accurate to your needs, whether you need bacteria, yeast, mammalian, or insect-expressed protein. Our reputable team employs their industry knowledge to advise you on the custom recombinant protein service that best suits your distinct needs. With a reliable success rate and a team committed to customization and quality, Bon Opus is the premier partner for a collaborative and unique reagent service. 

Fill out our simple online contact form to learn more about our collaboration techniques, custom protein production services, and innovative team of scientists.

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