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Recombinant Antibody Production

Recombinant Antibody Production ServiCE

Recombinant antibodies are antibody fragments generated in vitro through the use of synthetic genes. In contrast to traditional antibodies produced by hybridoma technology, recombinant antibodies have many advantages, such as maintaining high standards of specificity and low immunogenicity levels. 

Our team has extensive expertise in the field of recombinant antibody production. We offer a comprehensive range of services as below.

-Pilot scale mAb

-Large scale mAb



-Bispecific mAb

-Altumab High Throughput Service

recombinant antibody production monoclonal antibody production antibody services
Pilot mab

Antibody Production Service Package

$950 Pilot Scale mAb Production Package

  1. Gene synthesis and codon optimization of VH and VL regions

  2. Cloning into premade Fc vectors*

  3. Transfection-grade plasmid preparation

  4. Transient expression in 20ml Expi293 or ExpiCHO

  5. One step Protein A or Protein L purification

  6. QC analysis: SDS-PAGE


- Purified antibodies (>500ug in most cases), >95% purity (SDS-PAGE)

- 5ug mini prep of expression vectors

Turnaround time:

3-4 weeks plus shipping

*Available Fc including Human IgG1, IgG2, IgG4, IgA1, Human Kappa, Lambda light chain, Mouse IgG1, IgG2a, Mouse Kappa light chain, Rat IgG2B, Rat Kappa light chain, etc.

Large Scale mAb Expression and Purification

-Up to gram level mAb production with customized QC standard.

  1. Gene synthesis and codon optimization of VH and VL regions

  2. Cloning into premade Fc vectors

  3. Transfection-grade plasmid preparation

  4. Transient expression in Expi293 or ExpiCHO

  5. Purification by MabSelect SuRe LX and additional column upon request

  6. Endotoxin removal as low as 0.1EU/mg (optional) 

  7. QC analysis: SDS-PAGE, SEC-HPLC, endotoxin level test


- Purified antibodies with customized QC standard

Turnaround time:

4 weeks plus shipping

large scale mab

Case Study

Pilot scale mab case study

20mL Pilot Scale mAb Expression and Purification

  • One step purification by MabSelect SuRe LX

  M. Molecular weight marker

  1. Reducing sample

  2. Non-reducing sample

large scale case study

100mg Large Scale mAb Expression and Purification​

  • Purification by MabSelect SuRe LX and Superdex SEC

MabSelect SuRe LX

M. Molecular weight marker

FT: Flow through

W: Washes

E: Elution

Superdex 200

  • Final Sample



  • Deliverable: 100mg purified antibody with 98% SEC-HPLC purity, endotoxin<0.1EU/mg

  • Turnaround time: 3 weeks


Dr. Chun Chen, Pliant Therapeutics

We have received recombinant antibody production services from [Bon Opus] and were extremely satisfied with the quality and the turnaround time. We will definitely continue to use their services more in the future.

Bon Opus Biosciences offers reputable recombinant antibody production services that researchers around the globe use and trust. We have a one-of-a-kind team of in-house scientists and researchers who have committed decades’ worth of time and energy to their craft. They understand the art of bioscience and biotechnology and create custom experiences for each of our partnerships. We pride ourselves on our delivery and commitment to our core values and mission. Our fundamental principles were built on transparency and a desire to create a space for scientific collaboration with all our partnerships. We uphold a commitment to affordability, proactive and proven approaches, and superior quality in production. Together, these values allow us to establish well-rounded and reliable recombinant antibody expression through yeast, mammalian, or bacterial variants.  
Our team has in-depth experience in specialized mAb production, allowing Bon Opus to offer the most advanced and innovative approach throughout our processes. Throughout production, we ensure the partnership remains at the top of the priority ladder. This effort fosters a scientific collaboration experience in which you can follow along with the process. You are there with Bon Opus for each step in the process, including synthesis, cloning and transformation, plasmid preparations, expression development, purifications and removals, and our comprehensive quality control analysis approach. We offer a transparent approach to our production processes on expressions, reagents, and all other variations. We value our commitment to your standards and thoroughly review and test each deliverable prior to considering delivery methods. To learn more about our comprehensive approach to recombinant antibody production and the variants available, please fill out our simple online contact form. A trusted member of our Bon Opus Biosciences team will communicate with you in a timely manner. 

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