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The Bon Opus Biosciences Team


Yufang Shao


A veteran business woman who is always looking for the next big challenge, Yufang Shao, Ph.D., is the president and founder of Bon Opus Biosciences. With her passion and years of experience in the biotechnology and protein production field, Yufang Shao has managed to take our company to new highs and achieve exponential growth.

Tai-Yun Kuo

Director of Key Account

Tai-Yun Kuo is Bon Opus’s Director of Key Account. She is responsible for working with customers and our production team to create the technical solutions and develop the strategy of recombinant protein and antibody production. Tai-Yun is committed to providing the scientific support to optimize production efficiency and ensure the delivery of quality reagents to our customers. 

Sean Huang

Marketing Manager

Sean graduated with a Master’s degree in Translational Medicine at UC Berkeley and UCSF. With a scientific background in life science, Sean dedicated himself to marketing, where he became skilled at digital marketing, market research, and content writing.

Sowmya Avadhani

Project Coordinator

With a solid background in biology and project management, Sowmya Avadhani is the Project Coordinator for Bon Opus Biosciences. Diligent, detail oriented and dependable, Sowmya gets things done.  She skillfully manages projects from initiation to completion while communicating effectively with all stakeholders.  

Aliyah Bobb

Product Specialist

With a strong background in cell and molecular biology, Aliyah also has great business acumen. As the Product Specialist for Bon Opus, she is in charge of product management as well as operational management. Aliyah continuously updates the product portfolio to keep Bon Opus competitive within the market as well as providing the highest value to our clients and having effective communication.

Si Man Ao Leong

Technical Account Manager

With experienced research background in molecular and cellular biology, Si Man is Bon Opus's Technical Account Manager. She is in charge of reviewing client service requests, researching scientific literature to develop project plans, generating and responding to quotes, and monitoring project progress.

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