The Bon Opus Biosciences Team

Yufang Shao


A veteran business woman who is always looking for the next big challenge, Yufang Shao, Ph.D., is the president and founder of Bon Opus Biosciences. With her passion and years of experience in the biotechnology and protein production field, Yufang Shao has managed to take our company to new highs and achieve exponential growth.

Denu Han

Operation Specialist

We trust Denu Han with all of our business needs. Eager and helpful, Denu proves that no feat is too big to tackle. From business analysis to operation management, you want this hard working innovator in your corner.

Tai-Yun Kuo

Biochemical Research Engineer

Tai-Yun Kuo is Bon Opus’s Biochemical Research Engineer. She is responsible for working with customers and our production team to create the technical solutions and develop the strategy of recombinant protein and antibody production. Tai-Yun is committed to providing the scientific support to optimize production efficiency and ensure the delivery of quality reagents to our customers. 

Roshelle Belfer

Marketing Specialist

Passionate about business and innovation, Roshelle Belfer has her finger on the pulse of what sells around the country, analyzing demographic data and looking at competitors and their pricing. In addition to market analysis, Roshelle Belfer specializes in digital design and creating marketing content, all in an effort to understand how best to market Bon Opus' high quality products and services.

Dr. Kevin Liu

Director of Sales

At Bon Opus, we wouldn’t be the industry leader we are without our successful sales team. With his dedication to the company and plenitude of experience in the field, Kevin helps us sell the products and services that help improve the lives of people around the world. Dr. Liu strives on a daily basis to maximize our sales performance by establishing strong relationships and gaining insight to the client's needs.

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