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The Bon Opus Biosciences Team


Yufang Shao


A veteran business woman who is always looking for the next big challenge, Yufang Shao, Ph.D., is the president and founder of Bon Opus Biosciences. With her passion and years of experience in the biotechnology and protein production field, Yufang Shao has managed to take our company to new highs and achieve exponential growth.

Tai-Yun Kuo

Key Account Director

Tai-Yun Kuo is Bon Opus’s Director of Key Account. She is responsible for working with customers and our production team to create the technical solutions and develop the strategy of recombinant protein and antibody production. Tai-Yun is committed to providing the scientific support to optimize production efficiency and ensure the delivery of quality reagents to our customers. 

Sowmya Avadhani

Project Coordinator

With a solid background in biology and project management, Sowmya Avadhani is the Project Coordinator for Bon Opus Biosciences. Diligent, detail oriented and dependable, Sowmya gets things done.  She skillfully manages projects from initiation to completion while communicating effectively with all stakeholders.  

Yuen_A_00154 (1).png

Andrew Yuen

Marketing Strategist

With a keen strategic mind honed by a Master of Business and Science degree from Rutgers University, Andrew crafts marketing strategies that resonate in the dynamic environment of Bon Opus Biosciences. His diverse skills, rooted in data-driven insights and strategic planning, enable the formulation of impactful initiatives that enhance client engagement and industry positioning. Andrew's knack for analytical thinking and problem-solving ensures that Bon Opus' marketing efforts are both innovative and effective.


Evonne (Yi) Wang

Operations Specialist

Yi brings a comprehensive skill set in finance and statistics to Bon Opus Biosciences. With dual master's degrees and a robust background in financial analysis, she excels at quantitative analysis and budget management. Her experience at a coding boot camp complements her role, allowing her to understand and leverage technology in operational strategies. Evonne's analytical prowess ensures precision in resource allocation and her expertise in client communication fosters seamless internal and external collaboration.

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