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Immunology Research Protein Products

Bon Opus Biosciences provides over 1000 critical protein reagents for immunology research. In addition to the comprehensive immunology protein product portfolio, we are proud that our high-quality products are cited in a number of prestigious publications across top-tier journals, including but not limited to CD200, CD47, Activin A, TGF-β. Contact us today to learn more about our Immunology Protein Products.

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Current Research Focus

Immunology research topics can be very broad, covering allergies, infection, autoimmunity, neuroimmunology, cancer, vaccine, transplantation, etc. Among all, cancer immunotherapy is a rapidly growing field that is completely transforming oncology care. The concept is to boost a person's own immune system to eliminate tumor cells. Currently, several types of immunotherapy, including adoptive cell transfer and immune checkpoint inhibitors, have been proven to demonstrate clinical responses. For example, CAR-T therapies are approved to treat lymphomas and leukemias. Monoclonal antibody drugs against PD-1/PD-L1 are approved for treating various cancer types.

5 Major Categories of Cancer Immunotherapy

(Nature, 2020)

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