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CRO Services

Gene Synthesis

  • From gene fragments, gene synthesis, plasmid preparation to site-directed mutagenesis

  • 10,000+ constructs delivered with 99% success rate

Custom Protein

  • Developed over 4000 custom proteins across four systems with 92% success rate

  • Free consultation from design, expression to purification

Recombinant Antibody

  • One-stop solution from gene to antibody

  • Modalities including mAb, Fab, scFv, VHH, and bispecific antibody

  • 2-Week High Throughput Production

Peptide Synthesis

  • Up to 100 residues in length

  • Over 300 comprehensive labeling and modification options

  • Rapid high-throughput peptide library service


Dr. Yibin Kang
Princeton University

Bon Opus has been very responsive in helping us generate a series of customized polyclonal antibodies that target a cell surface transmembrane protein of interest. The technical specialists from the company worked closely with us to design the antigen sequence and were able to communicate with us in a timely manner. When technical difficulties occurred during the process, the team came up with an alternative solution immediately and offered the same price. The company worked efficiently and delivered the products at the desired quality and quantity in approximately 4.5 months. Overall, it has been a very pleasant experience working with Bon Opus.

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Peptide Synthesis Service
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Activin A
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RNase 1
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Gene Synthesis Service
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Why Choose Us

Your Proactive long-term Recombinant Protein Supplier


Bon Opus is a customer-centric company dedicated to delivering exceptional services to each client we work with. With a name derived from "good work" in Latin, our commitment to quality, affordability, flexibility, and proactiveness drives us to exceed expectations and achieve desired results. Notably, our very first customer remains with us to this day, a testament to the trust and satisfaction they have experienced throughout their partnership with us. As leaders in recombinant proteins and antibodies, we offer fully customized solutions, backed by our team of experienced scientists who bring a personal touch to every collaboration.

Bon Opus aims to be the best recombinant protein supplier. We're here to customize, collaborate, and serve you today. Get started by filling out our easy online form. Let's achieve greatness together.

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