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Bon Opus Catalog Products


Activity tested antibodies spanning target antigens such as Tumor Markers, Cytokines, Growth Factors, Infectious Agents, Acute Phase Proteins, Surface Markers, Hormones, and more.

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Activity tested, reported, and guaranteed; Bon Opus ELISA Kits are available for a wide arrange of targets, with custom ELISA Kits available!

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Cell Line

Introducing LinkLight™ Cell Lines, a cell-based screening tool for biological functional activity. It detects compounds that bind to the target protein, and activate specific pathways.

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New Products

New products are added all the time. Check here to see the newest additions to the Bon Opus catalog, and be the first to benefit from these new products.

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Bon Opus Services

Custom Antibody Production

Monoclonal and Polyclonal antibody productions are offered with both peptide and recombinant protein antigen. Inquire with us to receive a personalized quote based on your every detail and request.

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Custom Peptide Synthesis

Service of up to 149 residues in length, with a scale ranging from mg to kg, comprehensive labeling and modification options, and rapid high-throughput peptide library synthesis.

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Antibody Sequencing

Bon Opus offers sequencing of both antibody hybridomas and De Nova antibody proteins. Expert service with a personal touch.

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