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High Throughput Antibody Production



Gene Synthesis


Gene synthesis and codon optimization of VH and VL regions provided by customers

* Minimum 10 mAb to start



Cloning sequences into selected Fc region vectors and scale up for transfection



High throughput transient transfection and expression in 293/CHO mammalian cells



High throughput purification with Protein A magnetic beads and final QC * ELISA or Biacore affinity test is available with an extra fee

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Service Description

In response to the fast-growing antibody screening demands, Bon Opus Biosciences offers a high throughput antibody production service. The proprietary AltumMab™ high throughput antibody production service enables the expression of hundreds of recombinant antibodies at once, from gene synthesis to the delivery of purified antibodies in 96-well plates. This service provides a cost-effective solution for researchers to screen therapeutic antibody drug candidates or reagent antibodies in a short time.


This high throughput service aims to help scientists conduct pilot studies on a group of

antibody candidates and identify the interested targets more efficiently. Its applications

include but not limited to:

  • Epitope mapping

  • Ligand competition binding studies

  • Drug screening assays

  • Biophysical characterization





Working Day




Service Type

Gene synthesis (variable region, VH/VL), subcloning into respective constant vectors

Transfection-grade plasmid prep, HTP transfection of 293/CHO cells

H-T purification (magnetic Protein A beads)

Altum Mab™ High Throughput Package  ( Start from $385 ) * minimum 10 pairs to start *


200μg mAb option (>95% purity by SDS-PAGE), plasmid

1 mg mAb option (>95% purity by SEC-HPLC, endotoxin level <1EU/mg), plasmid

Total: 14 Days*




Service Type

Gene synthesis (variable region, VH/VL), subcloning into respective constant vectors

Transfection-grade plasmid prep

Working Day



Altum Gene™ High Throughput package  * minimum 50 constructs to start *


Up to 100ug transfection-grade DNA, Sequencing report

Total: 10-12 Days*

*Shipping time is not included

Here at Bon Opus Biosciences, we treat each request and deliverable with the highest level of integrity. Our experienced and devoted team of field scientists and researchers pride themselves on their ability to offer the most up-to-date biotech and sciences, and that now includes high throughput antibody production services. We understand the need to gain awareness and insight into scientifically backed and proven approaches, and our in-house team is proud to offer a custom range of services to each of our partnerships. We have developed, tested, and mastered the high throughput antibody production process, which provides us with the opportunity to remain collaborative, transparent, and affordable. We are happy to offer comprehensive antibody expression packages, in addition to our custom services, per partnership demands. A member of our highly trained and educated team will work closely with you through each step to ensure the package is right for your needs and the customization process is seamless. To learn more about how Bon Opus Biosciences can serve you in collaboration and recombinant proteins, fill out the online contact form, and a member of our team will be in communication shortly.

Male Scientist


Dr. Thomas B. Kepler, Professor
Department of Microbiology
Boston University School of Medicine

The antibodies you made worked out very well. Thank you for your excellent service!  - June, 2022

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