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Recombinant Antibody Case Studies

Featured below are a series of recombinant antibody production case studies. For more details regarding our custom monoclonal antibody production services, click here. If you would like to browse testimonials regarding our recombinant antibody services, click here.

Delivery of 100 mg mAb within a 3-week timeframe

  • Antibody properties:

    • Human IgG4, Human Kappa Light Chain​

  • Strategy: 

    • Gene synthesis of codon-optimized VH/VL regions

    • Cloning VH/VL sequences into our pre-synthesized Fc vector 

    • Co-transfection with two constructs into Expi293 expression system

    • Purification by MabSelect SuRe LX and Superdex SEC

    • Endotoxin removal

  • Deliverables: 

    • 100mg purified antibody >SEC-HPLC 98% purity, endotoxin < 0.1EU/mg

    • Turnaround time: 3 weeks


Pictured below is the SEC-HPLC (>98%) data.


Endotoxicity data, demonstrating an endotoxin level <0.1EU/mg.

Pictured below are the SDS-PAGE analysis results.

  • Strategy: 

    • A VH and a VL domain are connected together via a linker peptide

    • ScFv expression in Expi 293 expression system with VH-(GGGGS)3-VL-6x His

  • Deliverables: 

    • Purified antibody

    • SEC-HPLC >99% purity

Pictured below are the SDS-PAGE analysis results:


Pictured above is the SEC-HPLC (>99%) data.

Single chain variable fragment (ScFv) Production

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