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Protein Case Study: Mammalian Cell Expression System

Featured below are protein production case studies utilizing mammalian cell expression system. For more details regarding our custom protein production services, click here. If you would like to browse the workflow utilized by our team in our protein production process in mammalian cells, click here.

case study: mammalian 1

Heterodimer NKG2C/CD94

  • Strategy: 

    • Clone each subunit to an individual construct (NKG2C with Flag tag, CD94 with His tag)

    • Co-transfection with two subunit constructs in 500ml Expi 293 cell culture

    • Ni-chelating column affinity: Purify based on binding properties

  • Deliverables: 

    • 5mg heterodimer protein

    • Purity >95% by SEC-HPLC

Purification by His-NTA

Final sample QC

Case study: mammalian 2

Extracellular Domain HER2 His tag

  • Strategy: 

    • 2L Expi 293 cells culture

    • Purification using Ni-NTA column and gel filtration

  • Deliverables: 

    • 10 mg purified protein

    • Purity >99% by SEC-HPLC

    • Endotoxin < 1EU/mg

Final sample QC

Both SDS-PAGE analysis and SEC-HPLC test demonstrats a high level of protein purity.

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