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Protein Case Study: Baculovirus Expression System

Featured below is a protein production case study utilizing a baculovirus cell expression system. For more details regarding our custom protein production services, click here. If you would like to browse the workflow utilized by our team in our protein production process in insect cells, click here.

  • Strategy: 

    • P1 Virus generation (transfection of insect cell with recombinant Bacmid DNA)

    • Expression test of P1 stock, WB test

    • 200mL P2 virus generation

    • 3 column purification using gel filtration/Ni affinity and ion-exchange column chromatography

  • Deliverables: 

    • 1.3 mg protein

    • >90% purity

Pictured below are the WB and SDS-PAGE results for P1 transfection and P2 generation:


Pictured below are chromatography and SDS-PAGE results, demonstrating a high level of protein purity:


Optimized Baculovirus Expression:
Insect cell expression system

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