Recombinant Mouse S100A11 (N-6His)

Recombinant Mouse S100A11 (N-6His)

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Recombinant Mouse S100A11 is produced by our E.coli expression system and the target gene encoding Met1-Ile98 is expressed with a 6His at the N-terminus. Bon Opus Cat. #CR31
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  • Background

    Protein S100-A11(S100A11) is a member of the S-100 family. S100A11 is widely expressed in multi pletissues, and is located in cytoplasm, nucleus, and even cell periphery. S100A11 exists as a non-covalent homodimer with an antiparallel conformation. Ca(2+) binding to S100A11 would trigger conformational changes which would expose the hydrophobic cleft of S100A11 and facilitate its interaction with target proteins. As a dual cell growth mediator, S100A11 acts as either a tumor suppressor or promoter in many different types of tumors and would play respective roles in influencing the proliferatin of the cancer cells. In the nucleus, S100A11 suppresses the growth of keratinocytes through p21 (CIP1/WAF1) activation and induces cell differentiation. S100A11 is also a novel diagnostic marker in breast carcinoma.
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    E. coli
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    Lyophilized from a 0.2 μm filtered solution of PBS, pH7.4.
  • ALTnames

    Protein S100-A11; Calgizzarin; Endothelial monocyte-activating polypeptide; EMAP; Protein S100-C; S100 calcium-binding protein A11; S100a11; S100c
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