Recombinant Human Pro-Neuregulin-1/NRG1-β 1/HRG1-β 1 (Ser2-Lys246)

Recombinant Human Pro-Neuregulin-1/NRG1-β 1/HRG1-β 1 (Ser2-Lys246)

SKU: C753-10ug
Recombinant Human Neuregulin-1 beta is produced by our E.coli expression system and the target gene encoding Ser2-Lys246 is expressed. Bon Opus Cat. #C753
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    Pro-neuregulin-1,Neuregulin-1 beta 1(NRG1) is a single-pass type I membrane protein and belongs to the neuregulin family .It contains 1 EGF-like domain and 1 Ig-like C2-type (immunoglobulin-like) domain. Direct ligand for ERBB3 and ERBB4 tyrosine kinase receptors. The protein concomitantly recruits ERBB1 and ERBB2 coreceptors, resulting in ligand-stimulated tyrosine phosphorylation and activation of the ERBB receptors. The multiple isoforms perform diverse functions such as inducing growth and differentiation of epithelial, glial, neuronal, and skeletal muscle cells; inducing expression of acetylcholine receptor in synaptic vesicles during the formation of the neuromuscular junction; stimulating lobuloalveolar budding and milk production in the mammary gland and inducing differentiation of mammary tumor cells; stimulating Schwann cell proliferation; implication in the development of the myocardium such as trabeculation of the developing heart. Isoform 10 may play a role in motor and sensory neuron development.
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    E. coli
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    Lyophilized from a 0.2 μm filtered solution of 4mM HCl.
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    Pro-neuregulin-1,Neuregulin-1 beta 1,NRG1-beta 1,HRG1-beta 1, EGF,NRG1, GGF, HGL, HRGA, NDF, SMDF,
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