Recombinant Human NHP2-Like Protein 1/NHP2L1 (N-6His)

Recombinant Human NHP2-Like Protein 1/NHP2L1 (N-6His)

SKU: C240-10ug
Recombinant Human NHP2L1 is produced by our E.coli expression system and the target gene encoding Met1-Val128 is expressed with a 6His tag at the N-terminus. Bon Opus Cat. #C240
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  • Background

    NHP2-Like Protein 1 (NHP2L1) is a member of the ribosomal protein L7Ae family. NHP2L1 proteinis limited to the nucleus, primarily focused in the dense fibrillar component of the nucleolus. NHP2L1 has been shown to interact with RAD17and PRPF31. The protein undergoes a conformational change upon RNA-binding. NHP2L1 binds to the 5-stem-loop of U4 snRNA and may play a role in the late stage of spliceosome assembly, prior to step I of splicing catalysis.
  • Expression

    E. coli
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  • Formulation

    Lyophilized from a 0.2 μm filtered solution of 20mM TrisHCl, 600mM NaCl, pH 8.0.
  • ALTnames

    NHP2-Like Protein 1, High Mobility Group-Like Nuclear Protein 2 Homolog 1, OTK27, SNU13 Homolog, hSNU13, U4/U6.U5 tri-snRNP 15.5 kDa Protein, NHP2L1
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