Recombinant Human Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor/CNTF

Recombinant Human Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor/CNTF

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Recombinant Human Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor is produced by E.coli. The target gene encoding A2-P187 is expressed.
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    Ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) is a polypeptide hormone that belongs to the cytokine family. CNTF facilitates neurotransmitter synthesis and neurite outgrowth in certain neuronal populations. CNTF has biological effects through the activation of a multi-subunit receptor complex, consisting of an extracellular CNTF binding subunit (CNTF?) and two transmembrane signal transduction proteins: glycoprotein gp13 and LIF receptor. CNTF is shown as a potent survival factor of neurons and oligodendrocytes, associated with reducing tissue destruction during inflammatory attacks. Studies showed that CNTF could be an agent that has therapeutic potential and possibly induces differentiation of large multipolar ganglionic phenotype in a subset of progenitors.
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    Lyophilized frum a 0.2 um filtered solution of 2umM Tris, 30umM NaCl, 0.5%CHAPS, 0.umM TCEP, 0.umM EDTA, pH8.0
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    Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor; CNTF

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