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LinkLight™ U2-OS S1PR4 / β-arrestin Cell Line

SKU: BC050018
LinkLight™ U2-OS S1PR4 / β-arrestin Cell Line is a stable monoclonal cell line in U2-OS cells, targeting Human S1PR4 pathway via b-arrestin. The proprietary LinkLight™ technology uses a standard Luciferase Assay as the detection method. Bon Opus Cat. #BC050018
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    S1PR4 is a member of the Endothelial Differentiation G-protein-coupled (EDG) receptor gene family. EDG acts as receptors that bind lysophospholipids or lysosphingolipids as ligands. EDG is also involved in cell signalling in many different cells, and the EDG receptor gene is intronless, and expression is specifically located in the lymphoid tissue.
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