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LinkLight™ U2-OS GPR119 / β-arrestin Cell Line

SKU: BC050008
LinkLight™ U2-OS GPR119 / β-arrestin Cell Line is a stable monoclonal cell line in U2-OS cells, targeting Human GPR119 pathway via b-arrestin. The proprietary LinkLight™ technology uses a standard Luciferase Assay as the detection method. Bon Opus Cat. #BC050008
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    GPR119 is a member of the G-protein-coupled receptor rhodopsin subfamily. Expression has been recorded in the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract. Specific lipid amides, including lysophosphatidylcholine and oleoylethanolamide, activate the protein and may be involved in glucose homeostasis.
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    GPCR2, glucose-dependent insulinotropic receptor, g protein coupled receptor 119, GPR119, GPCR119