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Recombinant Expression in Yeast Cells

Yeast cells are similar to mammalian cells, as they confer eukaryotic processing, folding, and post-translational modification. At the same time, a yeast expression system delivers high level expression. Bon Opus has established a very efficient system for yeast cell-based recombinant expression. It includes signal sequences, expression vectors, and a set of yeast strains (X33, GS115, KM71, and SMD1168). Our team incorporates the use of an antibiotic gradient to screen for transformants with the highest numbers of inserts. This ensures a high expression level in the follow-up production phase. The final product should be delivered within a total of 8-10 weeks. A typical work flow for yeast-based recombinant protein production is described below.

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Holding test tube

1) Gene synthesis, codon optimization, and DNA prep

2) Transformation into P. pastoris cells

3) Screening for transformants with multiple copies of inserts

4) Expression, evaluation, and optimization

5) Scale-up production

6) Final QC and delivery of product

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