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What are OllieTides?

Custom Peptide Services

Ollie the Otter, our Mascot for Bon Opus, brings good luck in research.

Ollie offers custom peptide services that are as sure as the tides rising and falling: OllieTides.

Why Choose OllieTides?

Best Price Guarantee: Peptide Synthesis starts at $2.60/aa, with a best price guarantee! If you receive a lower price from a reputable vendor, we will beat its price by an additional $25 Amazon Gift Card or $50 credit to Bon Opus Bio.

OllieTides have a comprehensive array of peptide labeling and modification options as seen here:

Amidation Quenched Fluorescence Peptide Unusual Amino Acid
Acetylation Fluorescence/Dye Modification Cyclic Peptide
Phosphorylation MAPS and Carrier Complex Isotope Labeling
N&C Terminal Modification

Once ready, Bon Opus Custom Proteins are Shipped using Next-Day Delivery to the United States

What are the OllieTide Packages?

Peptide Synthesis
Quantity: From mg to kg
Purity: Up to >98%
Length: Up to 149aa
Data: HPLC and MS
Delivery: Less than 30aa Within 2 weeks
Price: From $2.60/aa
Peptide Library
Quantity: Up to 20mg
Purity: Up to >98%
Length: 5-20aa
Data: HPLC and MS
Delivery: 3 Weeks
Size: 48+ Peptides

Please email to request a free quote for your OllieTide Package!

What are the Data Packages

Included in either peptide package, Ollie’s Data Packs give HPLC data and MS reports. Example data can be seen below:

The Connection

Our team works closely with you to make the best experience possible. Ollie the Otter is always putting a smile on our faces, and all of us at Bon Opus strive to do the same for you. Our peptide experts are always reachable by email with your questions or concerns.

What separates us from the monoliths of other biotech companies is that we utilize our boutique size to make a much stronger connection between us. We genuinely care about your research, and only want the best. Bon Opus will be with you at every stage of the way.

To request a quote please reach out to our friendly and helpful Services team at!