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What are Ollie pABs?

Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production

What are Ollie pABs?

Ollie the Otter, our Mascot for Bon Opus, brings good luck in research. Ollie wants to help you make your perfect, customized polyclonal antibodies; A.K.A., “Ollie pABs”. These Ollie pABs are one of the most cost-effective options on the market, starting at $945!

The Science

Our polyclonal antibody experts can start straight from your provided peptide sequence or design peptide sequence and finish your project to your exact specifications in less than 15 weeks. Our high standards include antigen affinity purification and ELISA identification (>1:32000) to help prove beyond a doubt our quality and dedication to providing you exactly what you need: your research deserves the best.

    What’s the Ollie pAb Package?

    Standard Package

      The Ollie Package involves the standard immunization, screening, antigen affinity purification and ELISA validation for your Antibody Production. The Ollie Package includes 5 milestones and finishes within 12-15 weeks.

      1. Peptide design and synthesis
      2. Peptide conjugation to carrier protein (KLH, BSA, DVA)
      3. Immunization of two rabbits
      4. ELISA identification (>1:32000)
      5. Antigen affinity purification
      Final Deliverable
      0.5-1ml of pre-immune Sera per rabbit
      2-3mg antigen Peptide
      2-5mg Purified Antibody per project
      Certificate of Analysis
      Data Package

    Custom Options

      If the Ollie Package doesn’t perfectly fit your requirements, feel free to create your own package! Please indicate your desired quantities of Pre-Immune Sera, Peptide, and Antibody. You can create your own package using the same sheet as before. Possible customization options include:

      Antibody Identification
      Dot Blot
      Western Blot
      Antibody Labeling

    Polyclonal Antibody Data Packages

    Data Packages Contain
    Identification data
    HPLC Report
    Mass Spec

    Why Polyclonal?

    When comparing polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, there are benefits to each, depending on your application and needs. Polyclonal antibodies tend to have a higher affinity, which can increase the signal of a protein with a lower expression level. Polyclonal AB also recognize a number of binding sites for antibodies on your antigen. This allows for denatured protein to be detected more easily.

The History

Bon Opus prides itself not only on our quality of work, but our relationship with the scientists. We are honored by customers, like you, who return to us with such gratitude. One such customer gave the following review:

    "Bon Opus Biosciences has been very helpful and responsive in helping us to generate a series of customized polyclonal antibodies that target a cell surface transmembrane protein of interest. The technical specialists from the company worked closely with us to design the antigen sequence and were able to communicate with us in a timely manner. When technical difficulties occurred during the process, the team came up with an alternative solution immediately and offered the same price. The company worked efficiently and delivered the products at desired quality and quantity in approximately 4.5 months. Overall, it has been a very pleasant experience working with Bon Opus Biosciences."
    -Yibin Kang (Kang Lab), of Princeton University, February 2018

The Connection

Our team works closely with you to make the best experience possible. Ollie the Otter is always putting a smile on our faces, and all of us at Bon Opus strive to do the same for you and your polyclonal project.

What separates us from the monoliths of other biotech companies is that we utilize our boutique size to make a much stronger connection between us. We genuinely care about your research, and only want the best polyclonal antibodies for your use. Bon Opus can provide that quality, and will be with you at every stage of the way.

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