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Trade Credit

Trade Credit

Credit Application

To place orders using Purchase Order Numbers, please contact for a credit reference form, fill it out, and send it back for approval.

Government and Academic Institutions do not need a credit application, but need official purchase orders from your institution. Emails are not valid purchase orders.

Payment and Trade Credit

By purchasing from Bon Opus Bioscience using Trade Credit (Net D) provided by us, you agree to ensure payment is received in full within a designated number of days from the date of the invoice, and agree to the following:

    If your company or institution cannot accept invoices by mail or email, you must provide access to your portal upon placing a Purchase Order.

    If you do not provide your separate payment portal until after the Invoice has been issued, the first invoice must be paid within the allotted time from the Trade Credit based on the date on the invoice, and not based on the date you provide access to your payment portal.
    If payment is not received within 60 days past the Trade Credit allotted time, a 1.5% late payment fee (or $25USD minimum) will be incurred on the invoice balance.
    Every 30 day increment after this will incur an additional fee of 1.5% (or $25USD minimum) until payment is received.
    If payment is not received within 90 days past the Trade Credit allotted time, the invoice will be turned over to a collections agency.