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Terms of Use

You agree to follow the conduct rules listed below. If you fail to follow these conduct rules, Bon Opus Biosciences may, in its sole discretion, terminate or suspend your account without refund, in addition to pursuing any other legal and equitable remedies including but not limited to money damages.

  • You are of 18 years or older at time of purchasing.
  • You shall not knowingly provide or post any false, misleading, or fraudulent information.
  • You shall not use this website or any products purchased from Bon Opus Biosciences for any illegal purpose.
  • You shall not hold yourself out as someone you are not, or otherwise impersonate any living person.
  • You shall not interfere or tamper with the functioning of this website, nor shall you attempt to gain access to information or control of the website not specifically granted to you.
  • You shall not use this website to transmit any virus or similar destructive program or code.
  • You understand and shall obey the following restrictions on the uses of these products:
    1. This product list contains non-biological reagents, which are minimum risk biologicals, non-toxic and non-hazardous, and are intended for laboratory research use only.
    2. The items are pre-packaged laboratory reagents.
    3. Unless explicitly labeled otherwise, the products are not intended for human or diagnostic use, and shall not be injected or ingested by any human.
    4. Products are intended solely for use in vitro, specifically in cell culture and cell growth regulation.