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Does your friend need gene synthesis, custom peptide, recombinant protein/antibody production or catalog proteins?

Give them a $100 coupon off their first order with Bon Opus and get yourself a $25 Amazon gift card!

How it works?

1. Share this referral link

with your friends

2. When your friend fills out the referral form with your contact info, they will get a $100 coupon that can be used on any purchase at Bon Opus.

3. When your friend places the first order, you will receive a $25 Amazon gift card!

Bon Opus Ambassador Bonus: Upon three qualified referrals, the referrer will be eligible for a $50 Amazon gift card per referral!

Terms and Conditions:

  • The referrer must be an existing customer of Bon Opus and has placed orders before.

  • The referent must place a minimum $100 order to be qualified for the Referral Program.

  • Bon Opus reserves the right of final explanation for details regarding the Referral Program. Please contact our customer service team ( if you have further questions.

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