Recombinant Human PI3K-Interacting Protein 1/PIK3IP1 (C-6His)

Recombinant Human PI3K-Interacting Protein 1/PIK3IP1 (C-6His)

SKU: CX51-10ug
Recombinant Human PIK3IP1 is produced by our Mammalian expression system and the target gene encoding Ser22-Thr168 is expressed with a 6His tag at the C-terminus. Bon Opus Cat. #CX51
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  • Background

    Phosphoinositide-3-kinase-interacting protein 1(PIK3IP1) is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the PIK3IP1 gene.It is a negative regulator of phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase (PI3K), suppresses the development of hepatocellular carcinoma. The gene encoding PIK3IP1 maps to human chromosome 22, which houses over 500 genes and is the second smallest human chromosome. Mutations in several of the genes that map to chromosome 22 are involved in the development of Phelan-McDermid syndrome, Neurofibromatosis type 2, autism and schizophrenia.
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    Human Cells
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  • Formulation

    Lyophilized from a 0.2 μm filtered solution of 50mM TrisHCl,10mM reduced Glutathione,PH8.0.
  • ALTnames

    Kringle domain-containing protein HGFL, PIK3IP1, HGFL
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