NFIB NF1B2 Mouse monoclonal Antibody IgG1

SKU: BA111065-100µl

Fig1: Western blot analysis of NFIB/NF1B2 on SH-SY5Y using anti-NFIB/NF1B2 antibody at 1/1,000 dilution.

Fig2: Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded rat heart tissue using anti-NFIB/NF1B2 antibody. Counter stained with hematoxylin.

Fig3: Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded human prostate tissue using anti-NFIB/NF1B2 antibody. Counter stained with hematoxylin.

Bon Opus Cat. #BA111065
  • Host Species; Species Reactivity

    Mouse; Human, Mouse, Rat
  • Immunogen

    Recombinant full length protein corresponding to human NFIB/NF1B2.
  • Application Summary

  • Purification; Formulation

    ProG affinity purified.; 1*TBS (pH7.4), 0.5%BSA, 50%Glycerol. Preservative: 0.05% Sodium Azide.; Liquid form.
  • ALTnames

    Nuclear factor 1 B-type, CCAAT-box-binding transcription factor, Nuclear factor I/B, TGGCA-binding protein
  • Background

    NF-1, also designated CTF, consists of a family of CCAAT box binding proteins that stimulate DNA replication and activate transcription. Analysis of human NF-1 messenger RNA has revealed two forms of the NF-1 protein arising from an alternate splicing of a single NF-1 gene. NF-1 binds its consensus DNA element as a homodimer via an amino-terminal DNA binding domain, and activates transcription through a putatively novel, proline-rich, carboxy terminal transactivation domain. The NF-1 protein has been shown to recognize and bind the adenovirus type 2 promoter and activate transcription of herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase genes. The NF-1 consensus element has been found in the upstream promoter region of myriad eukaryotic genes, including that of Ha-Ras, α-globin, HSP 70, GRP 78, Histone H1, myelin basic protein and in the Xenopus laevis vitellogenin gene promoter.(EM1701-68)

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