HepG2 PXR / 3A4-Luciferase Cell Line

HepG2 PXR / 3A4-Luciferase Cell Line

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HepG2 PXR / 3A4-Luciferase Cell Lines is a Transiently transfected cell line in HepG2 cells, targeting the PXR pathway via 3A4-Luciferase Assay cells, and uses a standard Luciferase Assay as the detection method. Bon Opus Cat. #BC050085
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    GXR, also known as Pregnane X receptor, is a nuclear receptor binding with, and activated by, a variety of endogenous and xenobiotic compounds. GXR acts as a transcription factor that activates transcription of genes involved in metabolism and secretion of xenobiotics, drugs and endogenous compounds, and is activated by the antibiotic rifampicin and various plant metabolites or naturally occurring steroids, such as pregnenolone and progesterone. GXR has species-specific responses to ligands, and binds to promoters of the CYP3A4 and ABCB1/MDR1 genes.
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    PAR1, PXR, SXR, Nuclear Receptor Subfamily 1 Group I member 2, Steroid and xenobiotic receptor

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