CBX1 Mouse monoclonal Antibody IgG1

SKU: BA112783-100µl

Fig1: Western blot analysis of CBX1 on human CBX1 recombinant protein using anti-CBX1 antibody at 1/1,000 dilution.

Fig2: Western blot analysis of CBX1 on HEK293 (1) and CBX1-hIgGFc transfected HEK293 (2) cell lysate using anti-CBX1 antibody at 1/1,000 dilution.

Fig3: ICC staining CBX1 (green) and Actin filaments (red) in Hela cells. The nuclear counter stain is DAPI (blue). Cells were fixed in paraformaldehyde, permeabilised with 0.25% Triton X100/PBS.

Bon Opus Cat. #BA112783
  • Host Species; Species Reactivity

    Mouse; Human
  • Immunogen

    Recombinant protein
  • Application Summary

    WB, ICC, IHC, FC
  • Purification; Formulation

    ProA affinity purified; 1*TBS (pH7.4), 1%BSA, Preservative: 0.05% Sodium Azide.; Liquid form.
  • ALTnames

    Breakpoint cluster region protein, Renal carcinoma antigen NY-REN-26
  • Background

    Chromatin assembly factor-1 (CAF-1) is a multisubunit protein complex that comprises three polypeptide subunits known as p150, p60, and p48. CAF-1 is a nucleosome assembly factor that deposits newly synthesized and acetylated histones H3/H4 into nascent chromatin during DNA replication. The p150 subunit of CAF-1 also supports the maintenance of heterochromatin, which requires the synthesis of both new histones and heterochromatin proteins and their orderly assembly during DNA replication. Heterochromatin is characterized as densely coiled chromatin that generally replicates late during S phase, has a low gene density, and contains large blocks of repetitive DNA that is relatively inaccessible to DNA-modifying reagents. In late S phase, p150 directly associates with heterochromatin associated proteins 1 (HP1α, HP1β and HP1γ). As cells prepare for mitosis, CAF-1 p150 and some HP1 progressively dissociate from heterochromatin, coinciding with the phosphorylation of Histone H3. The HP1 proteins reassociate with chromatin at the end of mitosis, as Histone H3 is dephosphorylated.(EM1706-86)

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