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Hybridoma Antibody

The first step of antibody engineering is to obtain the correct DNA sequence to encode the antibody from hybridoma cells. To achieve that, all Bon Opus needs is approximately 10^5 hybridoma cells; these can be submitted as live/frozen cells, RNA-stabilized cells, or as lysed cells. If you do not have that many to spare, Bon Opus promises to work with any sample size, down to a single cell, for an additional fee. We work with all classes of immunoglobulins from all commercial species. Our team at Bon Opus can assemble antibody sequences into desirable expression cassettes suitable for transient and stable expression.

We offer downstream expression and purification of your cloned antibody sequence via our custom protein production services in mammalian cells

Final deliverables include:

  • VH and VL sequence (Option 1)

  • Fully assembled heavy chain and light chain constructs (Option 2)

  • Purified antibodies (Option 3)

  • Turnaround time based on varying options

  • Certificate of Analysis (COA)

  • Complete project report

Bon Opus Biosciences leads the industry when it comes to affordable and reliable hybridoma antibody sequencing. Our services and solutions provide researchers and scientists alike with timely products and solutions that we tailor to their demands. Our antibody sequencing service offers a transparent approach with customized options, reliable turnaround times, an authorized certificate of analysis, and a comprehensive project report. Our dedicated researchers and developers work diligently to ensure optimized hybridoma sequencing regardless of cell portion and size. Learn more about cell sizes and fees associated with custom hybridoma sequencing services by contacting a member of our team. Bon Opus Biosciences is available today to get started on your solutions. 


Dr. Srinidi Mohan
University of New England

The Bon Opus team has become an integral part of our R&D work flow. They offered timely technical service and valuable scientific support throughout all stages of our projects. We truly look forward to continuing our partnership.

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