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Gene Synthesis

Gene Synthesis & Molecular Biology Services

Why Choose Bon Opus?

Bon Opus works closely with you to design specific strategies for every project. Our project history boasts a high quality and success rate, and our team works closely with you to make the best experience possible. Ollie the Otter is always putting a smile on our faces, and all of us at Bon Opus strive to do the same for you. Our DNA experts are always reachable by email with your questions or concerns.

Gene Synthesis

Bon Opus offers gene synthesis from any Gene Length, to help meet different project needs with the upmost reliability and efficiency. Our Gene Synthesis service is able to effectively complete enzymatic assembly on the basis of short DNA fragments, so we may generate your requested sequence up to 200kb in length. We significantly optimize the sequences using technology, and can provide synthesized genes with 100% accuracy. Bon Opus uses de novo synthesis, and Sanger sequencing to offer the highest quality output for our customers, designed to fit all your gene synthesis needs.

Base Pair Length
Up to 250 $125 5-10 Days
250-1500 $0.25/bp 5-10 Days
1501-3000 $0.27/bp 12-15 Days
3001-4500 $0.30/bp 15-20 Days
Over 4500 Please Inquire Please Inquire

4ug Lyophilized Plasmid DNA
Sequencing Chromatogram
Certificate of Analysis

Plasmid DNA Preparation

For high quality plasmid DNA, Bon Opus's Plasmid DNA Preparation services are perfect for your needs. All plasmids are free of animal-derived materials and, upon request, can contain extremely low levels of endotoxins. Bon Opus DNA is perfect for transfection, antibody preparation, and other research. Full documentation and project management ensures the highest quality product and experience possible. To ensure confidentiality of your intellectual property, Bon Opus honors requests for Non-Disclosure Agreements or similar documentation.

Plasmid Scale
Price (1000EU/mg)
Price (100EU/mg)
100ug $50 $60 3-5 Days
1mg $220 $250 5-7 Days
Other Inquire Inquire Inquire

Prepared Plasmid DNA
Certificate of Analysis
Full QC Report

PCR Cloning & Subcloning

Bon Opus PCR Cloning & Subcloning services allow for amplified DNA sequences. For cloning, Bon Opus offers sequence optimizations to verify the sequence to your exact needs. We will customize your project to your every request by designing primers, cloning PCR Products into a new vector, and verifying the result using Sanger sequencing.

For subcloning, Bon Opus utilizes the transformation of the template sequences between vectors with the same enzyme site restrictions, while offering high quality output, with the full economic and efficiency benefits that our subcloning entails.

Fragment Length
Less than 1 kb $150 10-13 Days
1-2 kb $199 10-13 Days
2-3 kb $275 15-18 Days
Over 3 kb Inquire Inquire

Prepared Plasmid DNA
Certificate of Analysis
Full QC Report

Site-Directed Mutagenesis

With our Site-Directed Mutagenesis service, Bon Opus can create specific DNA Mutations, such as point, insertion, or deletion mutations, and these mutations can occur at multiple sites. Site-Directed Mutagenesis are very useful in gene research due to the effects on character and characterization of the protein, and are widely used in studies into protein functional site structure, functions & interactions of DNA components, activity optimization for enzymes, gene therapy, and more.

The following pricing is for Site-Directed Mutagenesis based on provided templates, without Gene Synthesis. If your project includes Gene Synthesis prior to SDM, please request a quote for heavily discounted pricing.

Fragment Length
Price (2 Mutations)
Price (3 Mutations)
Less than 2 kb $149 $298 $447 10 Days
2-3 kb $225 $450 $675 13 Days
3-5 kb $225 $450 $675 16 Days
Over 5 kb Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire

For additional mutations, please inquire for pricing.
(Mutations within 40bp are considered 1 mutation)

4ug Dry Powder DNA
1 Tube Bacteria*
Ab1 Peak Diagram
Certificate of Analysis
Enzyme Verification Data

*Glycerol Bacteria or Puncture bacteria, containing the corresponding plasmids

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