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De Novo Antibody Protein Sequence

De Novo Antibody Protein Sequencing

Why Choose Bon Opus?

We have developed a protein de novo sequencing technology to determine the amino acid sequence of an unknown antibody with mass spectrometry. The technology is based on the mass spec measurement of the protein molecules, and does not require the access to the cell line. What we require is merely 0.2mg of the protein. Within three weeks, you will receive a detailed report from us, which includes the amino acid sequences of the heavy and light chains, the supporting data for the correctness of the sequence, as well as other observations we have made about the molecule.

Sample Requirement and Service Guarantee

Sample: monoclonal antibody, quantity>0.2mg, purity>95%.

Deliverable: A comprehensive report including the full sequences of the heavy and light chains, the supporting data for the sequence correctness, and other observations such as irregular modifications on the antibody.

Turnaround time: 15 business days after receiving the sample.

Service guarantee:

• A 30X average coverage*. That is, on average, each amino acid of the protein is covered by 30 or more distinct** overlapping peptides.
• At least 5X coverage on the CDR regions.
• Each amino acid of the variable regions is supported by strong MS/MS signals in at least 3 distinct peptides.

    * We normally get >50X coverage in our sequencing projects.

    ** Two distinct peptides must have different sequences, modifications, charge states, or measured in different LC-MS runs. When counting the coverage depth, it is important to count only the distinct peptides because repeated scans of the same peptide in the same LC-MS run do not provide much orthogonal information.

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