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Custom Protein Services

Custom Protein Services

Why Choose Bon Opus?

Bon Opus works closely with you to design specific strategies for every project. Our project history boasts a high recovery rate as well as a high purity rate. Our team works closely with you to make the best experience possible. Ollie the Otter is always putting a smile on our faces, and all of us at Bon Opus strive to do the same for you. Our protein experts are always reachable by email with your questions or concerns.

Customize your protein with the following items:

Cell Culture

Expression Evaluation Positive Clone Screening (PCR) Transient Transfection Recombinant Bacmid DNA Production
Optimization and solubility analysis Expression Test (10 +clones, SDS, WB) Expression optimization in 20ml culture Virus generation and titration
BL21 (DE3), Rosetta (DE3), & BL21 (DE3) pLysS strains X33, GS115, KM71 Strains Expi 293 and Expi CHO cell expression SF9, SF21, and High Five insect cells
Small to bulk scale up Strain available at additional fee Transient transfection of human IgG1 up to 3g/L P2 virus available at additional fee

Protein Production and Purification

Expression Optimization
Quality Control/Analytics
Protein Purification
Routine testing SDS-PAGE Pilot to bulk scale
Multiple expressions Analytical SEC Endogenous and recombinant protein production
Multiple induction conditions Static light scattering Protein refolding from inclusion bodies
optimize protein expression Western blot Biochemical and biophysical assay grade purity
SDS-PAGE Analysis Activity Assays Protease cleavage of fusion and purification tags
Western Blot Analysis Mass spectrometry Affinity tag and enzymatic modifications for assay development
Crude, soluble, and pull-down 15N, 13C labeling for structural determination by NMR

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If you would like to request a quote, please contact us directly. The best course is to click the link below. Because every protein project is different, we will ensure to work out every detail to provide you with your perfectly unique project plan.

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