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Bon Opus Products

Bon Opus Catalog Products

Why Bon Opus?

Bon Opus offers expert service like no one else. With decades of experience in each category, Bon Opus brings the best products you can depend on. Our boutique size and structure allow for us to work closely with you to make the best experience possible. Ollie the Otter is always putting a smile on our faces, and all of us at Bon Opus strive to do the same for you. We genuinely care about your research, and know you deserve only the best. Bon Opus will be with you at every step of the way.

Product Categories:

    Antibody Products

    Bon Opus offers a comprehensive catalog of antibodies, both Monoclonal and Polyclonal. We even have a list of Matched Antibody Pairs. Each antibody has distinct data recorded on their datasheet, and this activity is guaranteed!

    ELISA Kits

    Bon Opus offers over 1,000 ELISA Kits, which we refer to as "Ollie Kits" in honor of our mascot, Ollie the Otter. Ollie Kits' best feature is their incredible timing; most tests are 2-2.5 hours, while some tests are as fast as 90 minutes! Also, most ELISA Kits have multiple species options for each target, beyond the typical 'mouse, human, rat' options to include Canine, Porcine, Horse, and even Chicken!

    LinkLight™ Cell Lines

    We are proud to present LinkLight™ Technology and the GPCR Cell Lines. Through both the β-arrestin pathway as well as Human Kinase Cell Lines, as well as Nuclear Hormone Receptor Cell Lines.

    Recombinant Proteins

    Lastly, we have our OllieKines and OllieFactors; our Cytokines and Growth Factors respectively. All proteins have activity and purity data testing performed and reported, to ensure you only get the best quality every time.


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