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Antibody Hybridoma Sequencing

Antibody Hybridoma Sequencing

Ollie the Otter, our Mascot for Bon Opus, brings good luck in research. And now, Ollie offers custom Antibody Hybirdoma Sequencing!

Why Choose Bon Opus?

Seperate from our De Novo Antibody Protein Sequencing, our Antibody Hybridoma Sequencing is a fast and cost-efficient alternative. For as low as $800, you can have your sample characterized in just a few days. In addition, you will have a material ready for various molecular manipulations, including assembling desirable expression cassettes suitable for transient and stable expression, so you would never have to worry about your sample.

For a regular submission, all we need is approximately 10^5 cells that can be submitted as live/frozen cells, RNA-stabilized cells, or as lysed cells. If you do not have that many to spare, no worries! For a little bit extra, we can work with any sample size; down to a single cell. We work with all classes of immunoglobulins from all commercial species, and these projects are performed, and these antibodies are made, all in the U.S.A.! Check our options below:

Antibody Sequencing

Identification and Sequencing of Variable Domains
Identification and Sequencing of Leader and Variable Domains
Identification and Sequencing H&L Chain Gene Transcripts
Starting at $800 per sample Starting at $1,000 per sample Starting at $1,200 per sample
Time frame: 4-7 Days Time frame: 7-10 Days Time frame: 10-14 days
All Species All Species All Species

Detailed Project Report
Fully annotated sequences
Corresponding Sequencing Trace Files
For all Identified Genes or regions

Once the antibody's been sequenced, we can even help you clone/subclone your immunoglobulin genes and their domains! Assembled constructs can be cloned into a generic PCR cloning vector, a mammalian expression vector or into a vector provided by you.

Antibody Modification

Immunoglobulin Genes/Domains
Single chain antibody
Chimeric antibody
Bispecific Antibody
From $250/clone From $1,250/Construct From $1,500 / H/L Chain Pair From $2,000 / H/L Chain Pair
Time: 1 Week Time: 3-4 Weeks Time: 2-3 Weeks Time: 3-5 Weeks

10ug Spin-Column Purified Sequence Confirmed Plasmid DNA
Full and Detailed Bon Opus Project Report
Block Map of Recombinant Plasmid Map
Annotated Sequence of Insert & Sequencing Trace Files

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