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Who is Bon Opus?

Taking inspiration from the classics, Bon Opus is derived from the Latin Bonum Opus, meaning “good work”. Opus does not simply mean manual labor, it describes creativity and discovery, as with a work of art or music. We’ve built a boutique for scientists who realize bioscience is an art in its own right, where we can provide them with quality reagents, tailored services, and collaborative partnership.

In today’s culture of mega corporations, it is easy to feel dwarfed by these colossal reagent companies. We know what it is like to feel invisible to representatives who seem like they’re on a completely different plane of existence; as if you’re just a number to them. Bon Opus retains its faith in the sciences, and knows that this only hinders the research of our fellow scientists at every level. We have dedicated ourselves to use our boutique size to be the trusted choice of researchers, and to keep ourselves on par with you, so we can work closely to provide the most customized service possible.

We want to support your efforts into discovery and science, and hope to be a trusted source for reagents of only the highest standards. We back our products with activity testing and detailed information. Currently, we offer the following:

Antibody Products
ELISA Kit Products
Cell Line Products
Recombinant Protein Products
Gene Synthesis Services
Custom Peptide Services
Custom Protein Services
Custom pAb Services
Custom mAb Services
AB Hybridoma Sequencing Services
AB Protein Sequencing Services

Bon Opus is also symbolized by our mascot Ollie the Otter. Our lucky, playful sea creature is best known for being both smart and fun. Let us take away your concerns about your reagents, and help bring you the joy of discovery.